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since 2016 Founder & Director at The Asimov Institute
We research creativity and control of machine learning systems. We build deep learning technology that helps game developers, fashion designers, writers, architects and dj’s create. We think about the ethical questions and societal consequences involving the artificial intelligence revolution that is currently unfolding.

since 2015 Partner & Management Consultant at ICT Institute
We are a leading advisory firm in the area of security, agility and other software quality aspects, providing insight, training and advice on ICT management for international clients.

since 2011 Assistant Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Teaching and research on topics including artificial intelligence, neural networks, agile programming, procedural content generation, machine learning and scrum.

2011 – 2014 PhD Machine Learning at Intelligent Systems Group, Radboud University Nijmegen
Also visiting researcher at Tufts University (2009), the University of British Columbia (2010) and the University of California, Berkeley (2011 & 2014). Doctoral research aimed at modeling creativity, using computational and bio-inspired methods, in order to improve machine-learning tools. Dissertation on Creativity and Constraint in Artificial Systems. Promotors: Tom Heskes and Terrence Deacon.

2012 Certified Professional Scrum Master

2008 – 2009 Product Manager at Gridline BV, Amsterdam
Managed product development for enterprise search solutions, clients including national government agencies and top10 Dutch law firms.

2007 – 2010 Co-founder/Director at Moo! Mobile Technology, Utrecht
Providing mobile services such as m-ticketing and mobile websites to clients in the event industry.

2003 – 2005 Managing Director at Robotics Laboratory, Utrecht University
Started the Dutch AIBO team, bringing together 6 universities and ~60 students and staff members to successfully lead a team of autonomous four-legged robots to two Robocup World championships (Lisbon 2004, Osaka 2005) and two European championships (Paderborn 2004 & 2005).

2008 M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University
Wrote a bachelor's thesis on emotion in artificial agents at the University of Liverpool (2003) and a master's thesis on a neural network solution to the symbol grounding problem, at the University of California, Berkeley (2006).